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8 things to do to get ready for spring

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  1. Start your battle against garden pests, use parasitic nematodes in solution to get a head start on slugs and snails. These are harmless to wildlife and your pets
slugs and garden pests
  1. Connect new or original old water butts so you can collect rainwater for the drier months ahead. Help the environment and your pocket in the process.
Collect rain water
  1. Give your greenhouse a good clean inside and out ready for new seedlings. Use detergent to remove algae and moss, this allows more light and kills any remaining pests and disease
Clean Green house
  1. Dig a 5cm layer of organic matter into flower beds, borders and vegetable plots. This will improve the structure of the soil and feed all your new seedlings and plants. Don’t use pest based compost.
Digging compost to improve beds
  1. If you have any deciduous shrubs now is the time to move them. Dig a circular trench around the shrub taking as much rootball as possible and move to new position straight away and water in well
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  1. Create a composting area, use waste grass clippings, vegetables peelings, paper and woody prunings a to create a rich compost that your plants will thrive on. You will need to turn your compost over every month. Use waste wood/pallets to build your own compost bin, recycle and reuse.
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  1. Maintain any wood structures in your garden including fences, gates, trellis and decking. Use a jet washer to get off the thick dirt etc and a stiff brush for anything remaining. Let it all dry and add relevant paint, preservative or stain. This will make all your wood structures last much longer.
  1. Start your vegetable plot now. Start tomatoes, peppers and chillies from seed inside, ready to put when the weather warms and no more frosts. Make life easy use vegetables that are high reward with little effort, for example salad plants that keep coming back and greens such as chard and kale
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