About us

We have Grown and evolved over the years employing friendly and hardworking staff who have helped to make T&T Earthmatters a successful business.

T&T Earthmatters was started 25 years ago after recognising a gap in the market for a groundwork business that was environmentally conscious.  Together Mark and katrina have  a combined total of 46 years experience in the field.

Mark grew up in the Yorkshire Moors and has always worked in the great outdoors. From the National Trust, British Trust for Conservation Volunteers to a Countryside Ranger for Bromley council he has also worked on various  conservation projects across the country.

Katrina studied Geography and went on to work in a range of local conservation projects. She then worked for British Trust for Conservation Volunteers where she ran conservation projects and short courses. She also loves being outdoors and has a particular love for woods.

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